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What is ViralStat?

ViralStat is a video intelligence platform that allows everyone to monitor every public video and profile hosted by TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook

Find your competitors and benchmark with them

ViralStat provides you detailed insights into daily growth/loss of indicators such as:

engagement rate

On any social video and profile of monitored influencer, favourite artist, brand or even your local market competitor.

Without own account authorization.

Main features of the tool

Power tracking

By default ViralStat updates statistics of monitored profiles every 6 hours and monitored videos every 24h. If there’s a need to monitor performance of any video more frequently, we developed Power Tracking tool that updates its statistics every 3 hours, so nothing would get unnoticed.

Adding any public video and profile into database

ViralStat allows absolutely everyone to add anything for tracking - other tools rely only on the data provided by site admins and focus only on biggest brands and main content creators, not allowing to search for less known or even not popular videos or profiles at all.

Don't waste money on unprofitable partnerships!

If you plan to partner with any content creator, you may want to learn in more detail their real performance prior to starting any cooperation. ViralStat allows you to do so, so you can verify genuinity of anyone's popularity.

ViralStat searches for anything: from well known global brands to local market competitors.

Spot who is inflating their results

Smart Folders

Add all monitored profiles into a smart folder and see its exact performance over time

Forget time consuming spreadsheets!

Smart Folders allow to monitor and compare multiple videos and profiles performance in one place. Once an item is added to the designated folder, its statistics are being updated every day automatically. This saves plenty of time and gives most accurate insight into the data monitored. Within the smart folder you can compare results not only of your own items but also any other creators, brands, competitors within any industry or market. Or create folder with your favorite creators as well and stay on top with the fresh content.

See folder's most popular profile yesterday, within last week, month or any other custom date on the platform of your choice:

Compare gained values to see which profile has scored the highest increase in popularity within selected period

More: Profile page: Totals and Gains view

Identify the exact time of the subscribers number growth on each channel within defined period:

Check when other creators upload their new content:

And even when their profiles gained most likes:

Capture periods in which the most new followers, views, likes etc. arrived

Check which video has gained most views within selected time frame in your entire folder:

Identify most popular and viral content among all collected items

Select any other time frame and platform of your choice and view results of your sets:

Track when exactly the videos get the most likes:

Sort and filter results as required and view detailed gains in selected values over time

Monitor the vitality of video content over time

Spot the differences in the lifetime of video material on various social platforms

Smart folders:

monitor all your own social media profiles at once
obtain detailed insight into competitors activity
learn how you're doing in comparison with your competition
spot most popular content of your monitored items
apply most successful tactic into your own strategy
monitor vitality of video content on various social media platforms
verify when it's the best time to publish your own videos
examine how viewers interact with the content over time
compare cooperation with multiple partners
determine which partnership brings most value to your business
track multiple campaigns ran on different platforms
create an industry report for your clients

Top Profile and Video Charts

Spot viral content and uprising stars from all over the world

Learn what's hot before it gets old!

Top Profile Charts and Top Video Charts are the lists of 100 Facebook, YouTube and Instagram profiles/videos of any sort of your interest.

These may be filtered by:

type & subtype (still in beta)
time frame

and sorted by most or least:

totals or gains

Daily Profile and Video Charts allow everyone to find most popular profiles and videos from any country of their interest or globally.

Charts are updated daily to serve most trending content from anywhere around the globe. They allow to find top Instagram influencers from whatever country, most popular videos & creators on Facebook, YT or Instagram ever or at a particular time, find which video’s or profile’s popularity grew most within last day, week, month, etc.

Learn who gained most new followers yesterday, over past week and so on:

Spot trending influencer

See who lost most followers within selected period of time and on platform of your choice:

Examine any of the profiles further:

View detailed statistics of any profile and video and learn its growth history

Detect unusual activities on any video or profile that may rise suspicions that its popularity is artificially boosted

Check most popular videos of selected category or overall

See which video was most viewed one ever on any platform, country or category of your choice

Discover tags of the viral videos

Spot promoted videos

High view rate in relation to low engagement indicates preroll advertised videos

Profile and Video Charts:

find viral content from anywhere on the globe
check most popular video from any country at selected time frame
spot uprising stars and content creators
check any social media video’s and profile’s overall performance
get inspiration for own productions
see what's trending on different social media platforms
adjust own content to the hosting platform
serve your audience with most trending content
create own material in accordance to current trends
detect unusual gains/drops of subscribers, views, likes etc.
distinguish real engaging content from paid promotion
create your own charts and use as a content on your sites (blogposts, trending reports, etc.)

Discovery Tool

Discover profiles and videos of your niche

Discovery Tool allows to search for videos and profiles in ViralStat's database by any keyword and filter results from any country (or globally) with a demanded amount of views, by requested time frame or even number by subscribers count.
This allows to find most trending content worldwide, fastest growing trendsetters and viral videos.

Search videos and profiles by:

keywords within the title/name
keywords within video description/profile's bio (Advanced options)
category, type & subtype
upload/creation time
views, likes, dislikes, comments, shares & subscribers count (descending, ascending or within defined range)
engagement & engagement rate (ER)

Engagement is the summary of all video's/profile's interactions. ER is the summary of interactions divided by video total views count

Search for inspiration to your own productions

Through the Discovery Tool you can also search for videos or profiles directly on YouTube and Instagram. Enter desired keyword and browse list of results:

Add any of the profile/video to a smart folder if you want to monitor its ongoing performance

YouTube Ads Tool

Search for YouTube monetized videos of any niche and select best placements for your AdWords campaign

YouTube Ads Tool allows to search for YouTube videos with monetization enabled, so those you can place your ads on.

YouTube Ads Tool:

find monetized YouTube videos by any niche related keywords
search for related videos
search for channels by any requested keyword
find all monetized videos of any channel
export selected list of videos as ready ads placements

Place your ads on brand-friendly content and engage targeted audience

Lower your ad spend by showing your content to the right people

Statistics sharing

Share statistics of any video or profile you want with your audience and friends. Whether it's a video of your own that performs well or a profile that caught your attention for any reason: you can share its statistics onto your social media profiles or send link to it via email to anyone you'd like to share it with.

Give your audience what they'll appreciate!

You can share:

own video/profile statistics
trending video/profile
fake boosted profile/video stats
inspiring video
other creators profile that you find interesting

and everything else you'd want to bring others attention to.

Your viewers will be able to obtain the statistics you shared even if they are not our registered users
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