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Identify daily increase in views, likes, dislikes, comments and other engagement metrics gained on any video from YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

Once you've selected the video that you want to analyze statistics of (either searched directly, by use of Finders or found on Video Charts), you can then quickly learn all video's details, set email alerts, share its statistics with others or even watch the video right from the dashboard:

See all video's metrics on one easy to read dashboard



Select desired time frame and sort charts by totals or gains to see detailed statistics of the engagement metrics you want.

Charts view depends from the indicatd time frame and totals/gains view


Totals indicates cumulative value of selected metric within defined period of time:

Zoom chart in to identify the detailed increase/loss of analyzed metric in the selected time frame


Gains indicates the value successively obtained in selected metric over time:

Zoom chart in to view data in even more detail

You can group date by day, week or month depending on how closely you want to analyze the data:

Watch video directly on the platform its hosted on or add to any of your smart folders

Metrics values

See the metrics' progress over selected period of time:

The percentage of gain in a given metric is the ratio of the value obtained during the specified time frame to the total value of the measured metric at the end of that period

The value of a selected metric is a total quantity obtained up to the last day of the selected period

Average daily gain

Check an average daily growth of measured indicators within selected time frame:

Daily average value is calculated based on the gain within selected time frame


Analyze data of selected time frame in a detailed table and then easily export to .csv file:

Identify gains and loss of views, likes & comments, check engagement rate or likes to dislikes ratio

Comments & Trends history

Read recent video comments and check if it appeared in YouTube Trends at any time:

ViralStat shows the entire history of video's YouTube Trends appearance and its positions

Author info

You can even check YouTube accounts details for commenters, like number of their subscribers and total view count on their own videos:

Learn about the commenters without leaving the video page

Watch Social Video Analytics Overview:

Video statistics are updated daily or every 3h with Power Tracking option switched on

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