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Learn the explanations of the terms used on the Video page

Video details:

Here you can find the video's:
Author and title
Date of upload and date added to ViralStat (and thus an information on how long we are tracking this video)
Type o tracking - standard or power
Duration time (if available)

In the top right corner you'll find buttons for:
Mail alerts - set up daily, weekly or monthly alerts with video's summary
Share on - share video's statistics on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube

You can also find profile's overview, like profile's name, country, overall subscribers and views amount, total uploads count and type:

Video & description:

Left table:

Selected area shows player with the video and it description (as it is on the hosting platform). You can watch the video on small player right on the ViralStat, enlarge the player or watch this video directly on the platform its hosted on:

Right table:

Selected area shows:
Basic stats: views, comments and ratings on the video
Video URL stats: amount of FB shares, reaction and comments of the video

Video statistics are updated every 24h or every 3h with Power tracking enabled

Bottom butons:

Power tracking: enable to have video's statistics updated every 3h
Show on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram: view video directly on hosting platform
Add to smart folder: add the video to any of your designated folders

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