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Sharing the video's or profile's statistics

You can share any video or profile statistics with ease

There are two ways of how you can do it depending on which data would you like to share and to whom.

Direct video or profile page link:

Copy the link from your browser's address bar or use Share on button on the right top corner of video/profile page.

Example link:

By sharing this way, not logged in and users of the free plan will be able to see only basic data. Only users of paid plans will see complete statistics

Share Statistics:

With the option Share statistics , you generate a link to a special landing page with data from the period you indicated. It provides advanced statistics (including Power Tracking 3h stats if you had this enabled) to everyone who visits this link

How to generate Share Statistics link:

scroll down to Statistics section
set desired Time Frame or leave it in default (Last 7 days)

Time frame settings

click on Share Statistics button

Share Statistics Button

copy generated special link and share it

Share Statistics Generated Link

Example link:

By sharing this way, everyone will be able to see advanced statistics data

Watch how to generate Share Statistics Link:

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