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Top Profile Chart is a daily created list of 100 profiles.

You can find out, which profiles were most/least popular, viewed, liked, disliked, engaging etc. globally of from any selected country. On Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or all.

Check most popular profile globally or in any country within selected time frame

How you can sort profiles on Charts?

Profiles can be filtered by:
type & subtype
time frame
platform (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)

and sorted by by most/least:

Filtering profiles by categories and types/subtypes are on beta testing still, so not all profiles may have these defined just yet

Filtering profiles

Category & Time frame

Once you've selected desired country, it's time to define profiles category and time frame. We'll see profiles from Australia in the Gaming category and time frame set to last 7 days for that matter:

Profile Chart shows now first 100 of most popular gaming profiles from Australia from the past 7 days, sorted by gains within that period and on all platforms: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Use default settings or specify your own desired time frame

Sorting by Most/Least

Profiles can then be further sorted by most or least: viewed, liked, disliked and so on. Switch the metrics according to your needs.

Top quantity in the table indicates the value gained/lost within the specified time frame, bottom quantity indicates overall value acquired by the profile until the day in which selected time frame ends

You can quickly check the most commented profiles in selected country, category, time frame and on all platforms (based on gains):

Most liked profiles in that period but on YouTube only (country and category have not changed; still based on gains):

Sort and filter out by any data. Possibilities are endless.


Totals show the cumulative amount of subscribers, views, likes etc. collected on the profile up to the last day of the selected time frame. Gains show the exact value added/deducted in that given period

Once you've sorted profiles by gains within your selected time frame, country, and category you may now want to see which profile was most viewed, liked, engaging and so on in total:

This way you could find out, which gaming profile from Australia was most popular on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for the last day within your selected period of time. Switch the factors as you want to see more of the most/least viewed or liked etc. profiles from any country and within any period of time.

Top quantity indicates now overall value assembled by the video up to the day in which selected time frame ends. Bottom quantity indicates the value gained/lost within that specified time frame

Export data to .csv file

Define time frame and sort data by desired key factors

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