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What's a Smart Folder?

Smart Folder is a collection of videos, profiles and posts of your interests gathered in one place. Basically, it's a folder containing of items that you want to monitor the performance of.

Create Smart Folder with your competitors' videos, profiles and posts to learn their strategy

Create Smart Folders with all your competitors and monitor what they share and how it performs, collect lists of favorite artists and bands to have all their uploads in one place and updated with new releases automatically, compare video campaigns progress run on different platforms with one another or against competitors.

Smart Folders allow to:

compare results of own campaigns ran even on different platforms
monitor your competitors and see what content they share and how it influences their business
create top charts of most/least popular videos and profiles within the folder and keep an eye on what performs best or worst
track social media activity of influencers you already cooperate or plan to partner with
learn strategy and avoid competitors mistakes
collect videos and profiles from desired industry and monitor the market for your client
save plenty of time, as folders are updated automatically with new uploads/album releases
easily move/remove items as desired within the folders
change every Smart Folder into a campaign and invite client/team members to cooperate, comment, address crisis situations, etc.

Enable Auto Import Video function so once you add a profile to a designated smart folder, each of its videos will be added automatically too as well as new uploads, when they're released

How to create a Smart Folder?

Once logged into your account, go to 'My Folders':

When you're there for the very first time, you'll see a hint, how you can sort your folders in groups of different items, depending on the industries and categories of your folders.

Folders can be easily moved between groups on a drag and drop basis

You can now either 'Create a group' - if this will contain of more than one folder, or create single folder 'Without group', up to you. Name it and hit 'Add folder':

When enter the newly created folder for the first time, you will receive few important hints on how to sort, filter, list and maintain items within.

Smart Folders Tour

Smart Folder View Toggle:

Chart view shows list of videos/profiles sorted by daily gains. Collection view shows all videos and profiles sorted by totals

Auto Import and Power Tracking items:

Auto import videos from added profiles instantly and new uplaods automatically. Power track videos every three hours (when ON)

Adding items to a Smart Folder
One by one:

Search video/profile by keyword or paste its URL into 'Add' field

From profile/video page:

Add any profile or video to a designated Smart Folder right from its page

In bulk:

Add multiple URLs of videos or profiles


See video or profiles charts. Sort as you like, by most/least popular, viewed, liked, by totals, gains and on whatever platform


Enable campaign option and invite team members/clients to monitor campaign's progress, comment, etc

Export defined data from Smart Folder to .csv file

Select the time frame, filter and sort your folder by desired key factors and then export the data to a .csv file:

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