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Compare videos and profiles within your smart folder on easy to read charts

As you're in your smart folder, set your View to 'charts':

Then go just below the list of your profiles/videos (depending what you're settings are) and click 'Show chart':

Switch between 'totals' and 'gains' view to read desired data

Now the fun bit

Your list with profiles/videos has changed slightly so that it's even easier to compare data:

Profiles/videos colours on the table match the charts

Zoom chart in to see selected data in more detail

Total and Gains view

Switch to Totals view to see overall value of each engagement indicator current for the last day of selected time frame:

Quantities above the charts show the sum of total values for all analyzed items in that defined period of time
Percentage value indicate the gain/loss of the selected metric in relation to the total value of that metric in a given period of time

Percentage values don't change for Totals and Gains view if time frame stays the same

Switch to Gains view to see how measured indicators were rising in a defined time:

Quantities above the charts show the sum of gained values for all analyzed items in a given period

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