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Once you created your smart folder you may wish to either share it with public, so anyone can acquire your collection, or with anyone you want to work on it together.

You can decide who is allowed to view, edit or just copy your folder and then adjust it to own needs

Folder sharing

Nobody will get access to subsequent updates of your folder, because the original folder and its further copies are not synchronized

To share your folder with anyone publicly, find the share folder button on top of the page:

After clicking this button you will get a link, which you can share with other people you want to allow to copy your shared folder.

If you want this link to be live, and thus allow people to acquire it, you need to switch it On

If you no longer want this link to be active, simply switch it Off

Once you share your folder, others will receive its current copy, which they will be able to edit according to their own needs. They cannot edit your original folder, only the copied version of it

Collaborating on Folder

In some occasions you may want to share your folder with team mates, partners or clients to work on its further development, share ideas, comment and address crisis situations.

Add, remove items and edit your folder equally with anyone you want

To start collaboration on your created folder, you need to enable campaign functionalities for that folder first:

Once you do that, you can send an email invitations to anyone you want to collaborate on that folder with:

You can invite 3-5 guests per smart folder, depending on your plan, to collaborate with

Now you can manage guest access to either allow your guest to edit this smart folder, or not :

Switch the button to Yes if you want your guest to be able to edit, move or remove items within this folder:

All changes made by you, as well as all your guests allowed to edit this folder, are synchronized. This mean that they will affect the smart folder you shared

Or No if you want your guest only to be able to view the folder, without the ability to edit it:

You can always edit your settings by switching the button accordingly to your current needs

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