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Searching for videos, profiles or hashtags

Add an item via the dedicated 'Add profile or video' button

Create collections with favorite content and creators in seconds

Add item(s) by the URL address directly into any of your folders (or create one from here). Paste single link or add links in bulk:

Adding items directly into your folder enables their automatic monitoring within your collections

Add a video or profile by using its URL address:

Copy (from your browser/file/list) and paste a link to video or profile from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok into the designated field:

Troubles? Read here, why certain links cannot be added: I am unable to add a link

Add hashtag for tracking:

Copy the hashtag's full URL address from the browser and paste into the search field:

Find the list of videos in our database for selected hashtag just below its growth statistics

Examples of relevant link formats:
YouTube video:
YouTube channel id:
YouTube user name:

Facebook video:
Facebook page:

Instagram video:
Instagram profile:

TikTok video:
TikTok profile:
TikTok hashtag:

Note that when you're adding new item to our database, its first chart statistics will be available within 24h for videos (or in 3h with Power Tracking) and 6h for profile

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