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Search for industry related videos by any relevant keyword

Monetized videos: YouTube videos that you can display your ad on

Search videos by any keyword relevant to your industry of interest and extract the list of monetized items:

Filter the search by country, upload date and excluded keywords, then sort/filter accordingly to request: by relevance, category, language, duration, definition or license (advanced options)

All videos: list of all relevant videos, sorted and filtered upon further requests
Monetized videos: videos with monetization enabled, that also can be further sorted and filtered upon individual request
Country: search results for the specified country (accordingly to selected country's YouTube rankings, not by channel's origin)
Results: amount of videos you want to pull on one search

Advanced options

Exclude keyword: keywords that you want to expel from your search; thus videos with such are meant to be excluded from the results list

Sort by:
Relevance: show videos accordingly to YouTube rankings (highest to lowest)
Upload time: show videos from newest to oldest
View count: show videos from most to least viewed
Title: show videos in alphabetical order
Upload date: show videos uploaded to YouTube within requested time frame
Category: choose videos' category from the drop-down list of choices
Language: choose videos' language (if set)
Duration: choose the lenght of videos
Definition: any, HD or Standard video definition
License: choose videos with either standard YouTube license or with creative commons (that you can reuse accordingly to the terms of author's license)

Sort the list of videos by requested factors:

Learn most viewed, liked or disliked videos in your list, or even sort the list by highest likes to dislikes ratio to spot the content that resonates best on your target audience

Up next: Export list of videos into .csv file or import directly to your folder_
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