Profile page

Profile statistics are updated every 6 hours

Identify everyday gain/loss of subscribers, page likes, followers, videos likes & dislikes, comments and other engagement indicators on any profile from YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

Check most popular, engaging or shared videos on profile


See profile overview on one simple dashboard: total amount of views, subscribers, comments, shares. Set mail alerts or trending video alerts, enable Power Tracking, share profile's statistics with anyone you want, add to your Smart Folder or view this profile directly on YouTube:

Profile's videos list

See all videos that belong to the selected profile and sort them by the title, view count, number of likes or dislikes (ascending or descending) or by the time of their uploading - from the newest to the first on the channel or vice versa:

Quantities in the list indicate the last tracked total value of the selected engagement indicator


Set the time frame of statistics, select Totals or Gains view, depending on what measurements you want to analyze, group by date and share statistics if you want:

Statistics charts

Charts view depends from the indicatd time frame and totals/gains view


Totals indicates cumulative value of selected metric within defined period of time:

Zoom chart in to identify the detailed increase/loss of analyzed metric within that selected period

If you want to see the last tracked total value of the metrics, switch time frame to default last 7 days:


Gains indicate the value successively obtained in selected metrics at a given time:

Check when your monitored profile gains most of its subscribers

Metrics values

See the metrics' progress over selected period of time:

The percentage of gain in a given metric is the ratio of the value obtained during the specified time frame to the total value of the measured metric at the end of that period

The value of a selected metric is a total quantity obtained up to the last day of the selected period

Average daily gain

Check an average daily growth of measured indicators in the selected period of time:

Daily average value is calculated based on the gain within selected time frame

Statistics table

Analyze data of selected time frame in a detailed table and then easily export to .csv file:

Identify gains in subscribers, uploads & total views, likes, comments, check facebook shares & reactions or overall engagement

Video charts

Video chart shows top 100 profile's videos sorted by selected factors like most/least viewed, liked, shared within specified period:

Identify most liked, viewed or commented videos on the profile at the selected period of time

Switch between totals and gains to analyze desired data

On totals the top quantity indicates now cumulative value obtained by the video up to the day in which selected time frame ends. Bottom quantity indicates the value gained/lost within that specified time frame:

On gains the top quantity in the table indicates the value gained/lost within the specified time frame, bottom quantity indicates cumulative value acquired by the video until the day in which selected time frame ends:

Watch Social Profile Analytics Overview:

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