Learn the explanations of the terms used on the Profile page

Profile overview:

Here you can find the profile's:
Date added to ViralStat (and thus an information on how long we are tracking this profile)
Type & Subtype (still on beta testing)

In the top right corner you'll find buttons for:
Mail alerts - set up daily, weekly or monthly alerts with profile's summary
Video trending alerts - choose to receive alerts whenever any of profile's video appears in YouTube Trends
Share on - share profile's statistics on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube

Profile stats:

Left table:

Selected area shows:
Subscribers: total number of profiles followers
Total views: cumulative amount of channel's views
Uploads: current amount of videos on the channel
Average views per video: calculated based on the ratio of all views to the number of videos on the channel

Middle table:

Selected area shows:
Uploads in ViralStat database: number of profile's videos we are already tracking (in some cases, this number may exceed the number of videos on the channel itself - it means that at some point some of the videos have been removed from the channel, but ViralStat still stores their statistics, lifetime)
Views: number of views tracked by ViralStat
Comments: total amount of comments on channel's videos
Ratings: total amount of likes and dislikes of videos on the channel

Right table:

Selected area shows:
Facebook reactions: cumulative amount of FB reaction on all channel's videos
Facebook comments: total amount of FB comments on all videos of the channel
Facebook shares: overall number of all channel's videos shares on FB
Facebook total interactions: the summary of the above FB engagement indicators

Bottom butons:

Power tracking: enable to have videos statistics updated every 3h
Show on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram: view profile directly on hosting platform
Add to smart folder: add profile to any of your designated folders

Description & Related

The profile description is exactly what appears directly on the hosting platform. Related shows other profiles we track that are associated with that profile

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