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Power Tracking - track videos every 3 hours so nothing gets unnoticed.

By default, ViralStat updates profiles statistics every 6 hours and videos every 24h

When you carry out a video campaign yourself or want to monitor your competitor's video performance even closer, you may be interested in more frequent updates of its statistics.

This is where Power Tracking comes in handy.

Power Tracking updates statistics of a tracked video every 3 hours

Depending on your plan, you can power track up to 500 videos!

How to turn Power Tracking on?

Video Page

Once you're on the video page you want to monitor with that extra frequency, find the Power Tracking button and switch it on:

This way you will be able to monitor the statistics of that video every three hours.

Profile Page

You can turn on Power Tracking on all videos from a selected profile at once

Once you're on the profile page of which videos you would want to power track, find the Power Tracking button and switch it on:

This way all the videos from that profile will be power tracked from now on.

Power Tracking gives you even more detailed insight into video statistics so you can track its exact progress during the day

Smart Folder

Switch every video in selected Smart Folder to Power Tracking with one click of the button:

Now all the videos of that Smart Folder are tracked every three hours.

How to turn Power Tracking off?

Whether it's on Video, Profile or Smart Folder page, if you no longer want to track it with Power Tracking, simply switch the button off:

You can also do that one by one within the Power Tracking list 👇🏻

Where to access a list of all your power tracked videos?

All power tracked videos can be found within Power Tracking side menu.

You can quickly remove any single video from Power Tracking if you want other videos from the profile/smart folder to remain power tracked.

Power Tracking slots are limited according to the chosen plan

You can check how many slots you've already used through your Dashboard:

Frequent statistics updates help to capture fake boosting

When you run out of free slots, you need to either remove some of already tracked videos from Power Tracking, or Upgrade your account
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