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Get instant mail alert whenever any of your monitored creator posts new content to their Instagram or TikTok profile

Stay up to date with your favorite channels activity wherever you go

To set New uploads instant mail alert, head to your Dashboard, and select Subscription add-on:

You can choose to set new upload mail alerts to 10, 25 or different 50 profiles and get notifications of each new item posted (no matter the amount of new posts per month)

Enable New upload instant mail alert on any TikTok or Instagram profile

Go to the selected profile page and choose New upload alert button to get instant mail notification whenever his owner posts new content:

New upload alert is a monthly paid subscription that can be cancelled anytime

Check your alerts on the go

New upload mail alert will arrive directly to your mailbox, keeping you up to date and hassle free:

Selected profiles' alerts will be active unless switched off within the Mail Alerts to release the slot

Switch off the New upload mail alert for selected profile

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