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Create smart folders with your competitors profiles and monitor their strategy

Add all you competitors videos and profiles to a designated folder. Watch if what they post converts well or not. See which content brings them most new subscribers and apply similar tactic.

Avoid your competitors mistakes and apply only successful tactic

Create folder:

Switch auto import videos to have all profile's videos added to the folder along with the profile you're adding (as well as it's future uploads)

Add items:

learn more: Adding and removing items within your Smart Folder

ViralStat Tutorial - How to manage your Smart Folder

Switch between Chart and Collection view to see either list or charts with profiles and videos within your smart folder:

learn more: Chart and Collection view: what's the difference?

Compare performance:

See which added profile is most popular, which video of all the profiles added is most viewed, liked, disliked, shared or engaging, filter them by desired keyword:

The folder you just created is visible only to you, unless you decide to Share it

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