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Share your account with team members

ViralStat Tutorial - How to manage an account and your team members

You can add anyone to be a sub-user of your account and manage it accordingly to your permission.

Add a member

To add a member, go to your account icon and click the 'My users' selection:

Then add user:

Sub-user cannot be an already registered regular ViralStat's user

Remember to set password for your sub-user, so that he can change it later on

Manage your sub-users permits

You can decide on what level each of your sub-user can manage your account:

Edit permits accordingly to your needs whenever you want to

Block user

Once you no longer wish to share your account with a certain member, you can block him. This will release the spot for next member you'd like to invite.

You can always unblock your sub-users if you'll want to
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