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Set up e-mail alerts for every event you want to be informed about.

ViralStat Tutorial - How to set mail alerts/reports

You can choose if you want to receive daily, weekly or monthly alerts with:
summary of your smart folders
updates of videos and profiles charts by selected filters
reports of profile/video
trending videos

See a weekly chart of profiles from selected countries and categories

Mail alerts of smart folders

Choose alerts frequency:

Now you will be receiving reports of selected folder directly to your mailbox

Mail alerts of charts

Sort videos and profiles charts by any factors and set email alert for each selected compilation

Set alerts of charts by desired filters:

Then sorted by:
most/least: popular, viewed, liked, disliked, commented, engaging, shared
platform: all, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook

Set any number of alerts sorted by the factors you want. The possibilities are endless

Profile & Video Page alerts

Set mail alerts on profile and video page and get reports of its performance directly to your mailbox

Profile Page Mail alert

Video Page Mail alert

YouTube video trending alerts

Set a video trending alert on monitored profile and receive notification whenever any of its videos appear in Trends

YouTube's profile trending videos

Choose whether you want to receive alerts or not:

This is how such alert looks like if a video in fact gets into Trends:

Mail alerts number is limited according to your plan

All your email alerts set for profiles, smart folders and so on, as well as number of used slots, can be found here:

If you no longer want to receive alerts of a certain item, simply select Don't send option

When you no longer have e-mail alerts available, you need to delete some of the items you've already added or upgrade your account

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