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Question: why the link I'm adding cannot be found?

ViralStat Tutorial - How to search or add any video and profile

You're adding a link and it comes back with the message:

What is wrong?

Check if the link you're adding is correct!

YouTube channel URL format

Allowed formats: channel Id and username url
good formats:

YouTube channel id:
YouTube user name:

YouTube custom URL links are not supported
wrong format:

Other video and profiles URLs

Make sure that link you're adding is clean (has no additional characters, tildas, etc.)
good format:

YouTube video:

Facebook video:
Facebook page:

Instagram video:
Instagram profile:

TikTok video:
TikTok profile:
TikTok hashtag:

wrong formats:

Privacy restrictions

If the profile you're adding has any sort of privacy restrictions (age, country) then we will not be able to pull off its data

Contact us if this is still not the case. We'll be happy to help you!
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