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Check daily Top 100 Video Charts and see most trending video content

See which video has gone viral recently

You can filter charts by country, category and time frame and then sort by most/least viewed, liked, commented and so on. Select the platform or leave to all as you want. You can then further sort charts by Totals or Gains:

Totals show the cumulative amount of views, likes, dislikes etc. acquired by the video up to the last day specified on the time frame. Gains show the exact value added/deducted within the selected period of time

Leave settings to totals if you want to see which video is most/least popular (liked, disliked, etc.) overall or switch to gains to see which video has gained/lost the highest value in selected data at a given time.

Select time frame ending the previous day to display the most current data. Choose any other time frame to display the current charts for that selected period

Set email alerts on charts by any chosen sorts and filters so you won't have to check back in every now and then to again reselect desired settings and check the charts updates

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