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Detect unusual activities on profiles and videos

Spot extraordinary events thanks to frequent statistics updates

Fake boosted Profiles & Videos

Profiles statistics are updated every 6 hours and Videos statistics are updated every 24h in default or every 3h with Power Tracking enabled

As you're on the monitored item you can follow the gains and loss history of its subscribers/followers, likes, comments, views, etc.

What should trigger your suspicion?

Verify the actual popularity of the content creator


Select the desired metric you want to analyze and specify time frame:

If the followers/views number jumps up and down over very short period of time, this could indicate buying fake followers

The table shows significant changes in followers number of that profile every 6 hours (+/- 10k):

Values in the table indicate the last tracked cumulative value of a selected metric within the specified time frame. If they're in red this means a decrease in value of that metric


Switch the view to gains to see the exact number of gained or dropped values over selected period of time:

Negative values in the table are the exact lost value of measured data in this selected period

Detect the cheater before you start any collaboration

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