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Search for any industry/niche related channels by any requested keyword

Select the country of YouTube search results and type any keyword related to the industry of your interest:

Advanced options

Type in the keyword you want to exclude from the channels' results list, then select channels' creation time (if requested):

Further on, you can sort the list of channels by:
Relevance: accordinlgy to YouTube's rankings of relevance
Upload date: from newes to oldest
View count: from most to the least viewed channels
Rating: from most to least rated channels
Title: in alphabetical order
Uploads count: from most to least active

and Language (if channels have that set on)

Type your requested keyword, exclude any if needed and pull the list with related channels accordingly to settings applied:

Increase the list upon request and then import ready list to a .csv file or directly to any of your folders for further monitoring (this way you can also perform any industry research and create report of)

Show videos

If you want to explore any of the channel (for example in search for monetized videos), simply click the Show videos button below the channel's name:

and extract its videos (again: all or only monetized ones):

What's next: l Export list of videos into .csv file or import directly to your folder_
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