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How to create a Smart Folder?

Items in Smart Folders are updated automatically on a daily basis, so you will no longer have to manually browse through multiple platforms in search of the most accurate statistics of profiles you manage or follow

Smart Folders can be created through 'My Folders' ('add new' from here or click to show more, so you can see a collection of all your folders so far) :

Folders can be freely moved between groups on drag and drop basis

You can either create a single Folder or a Group, depending on your needs. We'll create a single Smart Folder for that matter and name it 'Telecom Europe':

Hit that 'Add folder' button and we're all set!

Your folder will remain empty until you won't start adding items into it

Important: enable auto import video to automatically import all videos from any profile added to this folder

Switch 'get remaining videos' button on if you want all historical videos to be pulled off these profiles along

up next: Adding and removing items within your Smart Folder
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