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Create Smart folders with your favourite artists/bands or any other content creators you plan to partner with

Collect all social creators channels you follow into a designated smart folder to have all their profiles, videos and posts gathered in one place, automatically updated by the new content as well. Monitor their performance.

See which trending content creator performs best before you start any cooperation

Create a folder:

You can add profiles and single videos to the folder

If you want to add all videos of a selected profiles to be added automatically (and thus updated by new uploads once they up), switch auto import video on:

Now start adding items of your interest

Create a folder with your favourite artists and have your playlist updated automatically with new releases

Search by keyword:

Switch to collection view to see all profiles and its videos as a list. Switch to chart view if you want to compare profiles or videos performance on the charts

read more: Chart and Collection view: what's the difference?

Copy and paste URL:

Add single video or a profile URL - all already tracked videos will be added to the folder.

Add remaining videos of the profile so all can be automatically imported to your smart folder:

Create folders of any industry of your interests and stay updated with email alerts

up next: Collect all your videos and profiles into one folder and monitor their performance
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