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Create a folder with all your personal social media profiles videos, and posts and see their performance on one transparent dashboard

Compare which content engages your audience the most

Create a smart folder:

Switch auto import video button on so all your current and future videos will be added to the folder along with profiles. Enable power tracking to monitor videos progress every 3 hours.

Add your items:

learn more: Adding and removing items within your Smart Folder

Switch to Collection view to see all added items as a list. Switch to Charts view to compare items performance on easy to read charts.

learn more: Chart and Collection view: what's the difference?

Compare performance of items in your smart folder:

See which profile performs best, which video is most liked, shared, viewed or check which one was uploaded first ever to the channel:

Compare videos by chosen sort on charts:

Set email alerts with smart folder reports so you won't have to log in every time you want to see its updates:

The folder you just created is visible for you only, until you decide to Share it

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