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Chart View and Collection View

As you're in your folder you can switch its view between chart and collection. How changing from one to another affects your smart folder?

Chart View

Chart is a list of top videos and profiles within the Smart Folder sorted by daily gains of views, subscribers, likes and so on. Charts are generated once a day.

If you're adding a profile or video that we didn't track before, you will have to wait 24h to see its statistics. Until then it may not appear in Chart View at all, only in Collection View

On Chart View you can easily sort listed items - by most/least popular, viewed, liked or disliked by totals or gains and on selected platform (or all) within selected time frame:

Check which video or profile was most popular last week within all of the items in your folder

Collection View

Collection View shows all videos and profiles within your folder based on totals data.

Statistics in Collection View are shown as last tracked value


You can sort the profiles gathered in the folder alphabetically, by overall amount of subscribers, engagement rate, platform they're hosted on or by date added to the folder:


Sort videos within the folder alphabetically, by total amount of views, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, engagement rate, upload date and platform they're hosted on:


Sort posts list by requested factors: from newest to oldest, from most to least popular or within any specified metric value range:

up next: Smart folder charts
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