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Change your Smart Folder to a Campaign.

Invite your team or client to the campaign and monitor its progress, discuss and share ideas

If you want to change any of your smart folders to a campaign, find Enable campaign functionalities for this smart folder button at the bottom of the page and simply switch it on:

Name your campaign:

Set the campaign's time frame:

Descirbe your campaign: what it's about, its summary and then invite guests:

You can invite 3-5 guests to a single campaign, depending on your plan

Now you can manage guest access to either allow your guest to edit items in the smart folder, or not :

All changes made by you, as well as all your guests allowed to edit campaign details, are synchronized

Share comments with invited team:

Specify amount of paid views delivered to a campaign:

By clicking this button you will then be able to define the total amount of paid views delivered to a campaign. This way you can quickly compare how many paid and organic views your campaign has received (it's helpful when you'll have to create a campaign's report after it ends).

A comparison of paid to organic views is shown in the table at the bottom of the page:

The entered data is fictitious and given only as an example.
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