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Compare any profiles and videos side by side.

Compare the same video hosted on different platforms or several videos either from Facebook, YouTube or Instagram

You can compare:

one video/profile hosted on different platforms
two videos/profiles hosted on one platform
two videos/profiles hosted on different platforms

Comparison of videos and profiles

To compare profiles or videos hosted either on the same or on two different platforms (i.e. Facebook video to YouTube video, Youtube profile to Instagram profile, and so on) you can search them by keyword or by pasting its URL address right into the search field:

the same profile on different platforms:

different videos on the same platform:

different profiles on the same platform:

two different profiles from different platforms:

and so on...

Videos cannot be compared with profiles or the other way around

Ooops... 😉

Once you've selected items for comparison you can now start comparing its performance.

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