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How to add items to your newly created Smart Folder?

Example: Create a folder with brands of any industry and monitor who performs best

You can add items into your folder in multiple ways. Or remove as desired with just one click of a button.

Search by keyword, name of video/profile or paste URL to video or profile on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram:

Add in bulk videos and/or profiles URLs:

Enable Auto Import Video function so once you add a profile to a designated smart folder, each of its videos will be added automatically too as well as new uploads, when they're released

When you're adding a YouTube profile we did'nt have in our database yet or not all its videos are already tracked, its new videos will be added to the folder once they're uploaded. To obtain older videos you need to use the function 'Get remaining videos' and these will be added for tracking too

Add from profile or video page:

How to remove an item from your Smart Folder?

Hit 'remove' button of a selected profile/video at the end of the table:

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